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4 min readFeb 15, 2022

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By Lisa Stangl

Children and families. They’re a big part of Hazelden Betty Ford’s advocacy efforts and the theme driving some of our newest videos, podcasts, webinars and events.

Among the highlights this month are two can’t-miss new episodes of our award-winning Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery podcast series featuring recently retired legend Jerry Moe, a champion of children and recovery, talking with host William C. Moyers. A third new episode features Dr. Sara Polley telling William her powerful personal story of family loss and healing. Additionally, one of the new on-demand webinars I highly recommend features national prevention leader Angela Jerabek, founder and executive director of our valued partner Building Assets, Reducing Risks (BARR), discussing student mental health and building a culture of support in schools.

Additional Episodes &Webinars to Add to Your Download and Watch List

Dr. Damir Utrzan

Listen | Watch Stress Relief or Something More? When Casual Drinking Becomes Problematic. Stress is as natural and persistent as the moon and the tides, and people often unwind with a drink. The rough edges of the day are quickly smoothed out by the depressant effects on the mind and the body, and for many, itis the preferred way to relax: a cold beer after work or a glass of red to pair with dinner. But can that small and modest habit become something dangerous? Join host William C. Moyers and Damir Utrzan, PhD, to learn more.

New Webinars

Helene Photias

Register Today! Kids, Families & Addiction: Empowering Prevention. Addiction is a multi-generational family disease with complex and harmful repercussions for everyone in its reach, especially children. Not only does addiction in the home threaten the social-emotional stability of children, it puts kids at an increased risk of developing substance use issues later in life. Join Helene Photias, MHA, executive director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program, to focus on the dynamics of family addiction through the lens of prevention. With a background in psychology and parenting education, Photias will discuss resilience strategies and coping skills that support, inform and empower children, families and communities.

Register Today! Built to Last: Redesigning Family Intervention. The commonly accepted definition of an intervention is to deliver a person who is in active addiction into a treatment setting. However, this description limits the value and potential of intervention and invites short-sighted goals and techniques. By redefining the concept of intervention and expanding its purpose, everyone involved stands to benefit: the person with addiction, the family members and the treatment professionals. Join authors, educators and leading behavioral health clinicians Debra Jay and Jeff Jay for a four-part webinar series on family intervention.

Dierdre Flynn

Register Today! Youth Drug Trends: Local Implications and Solutions. The news is full of startling headlines about rising overdose deaths and strange new drugs infiltrating our communities. How do we know what the real threats to our youth are? And once we have a clear picture, what can we do to protect the health of our young people? Join prevention expert Deirdre Flynn, manager of field operations for Hazelden Betty Ford’s prevention solutions division, to examine current trends, interpret the data and explore strategies for identifying the drugs most prevalent and threatening in your community. With a data-informed understanding of what’s really going on with youth locally, you can develop a comprehensive yet community-specific prevention plan to effectively address those threats.

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Lisa Stangl is a marketing director and advocacy partner for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Lisa Stangl, marketing director, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation



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