Recovery on Everest

75 Years & Still Climbing: Live Event Planned at Base Camp

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
2 min readApr 24, 2024

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Recovery advocate and Hazelden Betty Ford ambassador Ryan Rivard arrived at the base camp of Mount Everest on April 19 and began to prepare for his climb to the summit. After a few weeks of training at the base camp elevation of 17,598 feet (3,150 feet higher than the Rocky Mountains’ highest peak), Ryan will make the trek up to 29,031 feet — the highest point on the planet. There, he will plant a Hazelden Betty Ford flag and celebrate his quest to raise awareness about youth mental health, addiction recovery and suicide prevention.

Live Event

On a day to be determined soon, based on weather-dependent preparations, Ryan will host a live “Breakfast on Everest” Zoom event. During the 30-minute event from the heart of the Himalayas, he’ll share breathtaking views, updates on his climb, and reflections on recovery, mental health and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s 75th anniversary.

“We’re marking 75 years of extraordinary milestones. … It’s a tribute to decades of achievements, adventures, and the countless stories that have brought us to this pinnacle moment,” Ryan says. “It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for reaching new heights. Share your stories, your aspirations, and let’s inspire each other to continue striving for the top.”

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“At Hazelden Betty Ford, I learned how to live again,” Ryan says. “I want to show everyone that we can all turn adversity into purpose. I hope you’ll join me for Breakfast on Everest. (Yes, you read that right: Sunrise on Everest is evening in the US.) We’ll share the breathtaking views with fellow travelers and celebrate Hazelden Betty Ford’s 75th anniversary from the top of the world.”



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